Order an FBI Criminal Report

Obtaining a copy of your FBI Criminal Report is fast, safe and secure when you order it from National Background Information. Follow these four easy steps to review your personal criminal history record.

1 – Complete Application Forms
2 – Have Fingerprints Taken
3 – Submit Order
4 – Receive FBI Criminal Report, with online access

Visit the Forms & Procedures page for more information and step-by-step instructions.

Complete Application Forms

Forms can be downloaded and completed off-line using the Forms list on the right.

The two page FBI Identity History Summary Request Form and Order and Disclaimer is required with all orders. Payment can be made using cashier's check, money order or credit card. When paying by credit card, be sure to include the Credit Card Authorization form.

If you would like your FBI Criminal Report delivered directly to your attorney, you must include the Attorney Release form, printed on the attorney's letterhead.

Please be aware of the rules and regulations governing how criminal history information may be requested and utilized. As a requirement of ordering your report, please read our FAQ.

Have Fingerprints Taken

Fingerprints can be captured and submitted electronically at a National Background Information Preferred Live Scan Locationview locations.

If a preferred Live Scan location is not located near you, most local law enforcement agencies – police, sheriff offices and campus security departments – will "capture" your fingerprints for a small fee. Our list of over 14,000 locations will help you locate a fingerprinting site nearby. Please be sure to bring two forms of identification for verification, at least one of which must be a government issued photo ID.

If turnaround time on your order is critical, consider sending two fingerprint cards. If the first fingerprint card is rejected by the FBI because of poor fingerprint quality, we can quickly submit the prints from the second card, saving valuable time. You will be contacted for authorization before the second set of prints is submitted to the FBI. Each submission to the FBI will incur the standard report fee.

Be sure your prints are taken using an FBI approved card, such as the standard FBI Fingerprint Form (FD-258).

Submit Order

National Background Information works with Preferred Live Scan Locations that can electronically capture and submit your fingerprint images. Please check our list of fingerprinting locations to see if a preferred Live Scan facility is located near you.

Submitting at a Preferred Live Scan Location

The Live Scan service provider will collect your application documents and submit your fingerprints directly to National Background Information. Electronic submissions eliminate mailing fingerprint cards, which may shorten the time it takes to receive your personal criminal history report.

Submitting by Mail

When submitting fingerprints taken by a law enforcement agency or similar provider, you may use a large envelope and standard US Mail to send your application forms and fingerprint cards to National Credit Reporting. Do not fold the fingerprint card(s).

For faster turnaround time, use USPS Priority Mail or an overnight delivery service when submitting your order. We recommend sending photocopies of two forms of Identification, at least one of which must be a government issued photo ID, to help verify and expedite the processing of your FBI report request. We recommend sending photocopies of two forms of Identification, at least one of which must be a government issued photo ID, to help verify and expedite the processing of your FBI report request.

Mail your completed forms and fingerprints to:

National Credit Reporting
ATTN: FBI Consumer Report Request
6830 Via Del Oro, Suite 105
San Jose, CA 95119

Receive FBI Criminal Report

Following FBI guidelines, your FBI Criminal Report will be printed on tamper-proof paper to prevent changes or modifications. One printed copy of your personal criminal history report is included with each order. For a small fee, additional copies can be requested when you place your order.

An online access code will be emailed to you when the report is ready, usually within 24 to 48 hours after we receive your fingerprints. Be sure to clearly print your email address on the application form. Online access to your report is included at no extra charge.

To view your FBI Criminal Report online, begin by creating an account on our secure website. An email will be sent to you to activate the account. Log into your new account and follow the link to enter the online access code. Because of FBI restrictions, online access is limited to IP Addresses originating within the United States. Reports must be accessed within 30 days and will be purged within 24 hours after they are accessed for the first time.

Important Note: FBI security standards require that we purge all FBI Criminal Report information after it has been delivered to the applicant. Because of these guidelines, additional copies of an old report cannot be purchased. However, you can submit new fingerprints at any time.

You should receive the printed copy of your FBI Criminal Record report within 5-7 business days when using standard shipping – USPS First Class Mail.

Delivery time can be shortened to 2-3 business days with USPS Priority Mail, or overnight by using FedEx. Additional fees apply for premium shipping.

Estimated delivery times are from the day your application and fingerprint card(s) are received and processed by National Background Information. Orders are normally processed the day they are received; however, an incomplete application or missing information will delay processing. If you have not received your results within 21 days of your request, please contact our office.

Additional copies of the report will be in separate, sealed envelopes but mailed in the same First Class, USPS Priority Mail or FedEx envelope, depending on your shipping choice.