ATF Form 4

As an FBI-approved Channeler, National Credit Reporting (NCR) can assist Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealers in scanning fingerprint cards and Live Scan fingerprint images into the required ATF/FBI *.eft file format. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) e-filing process allows gun shop owners and consumers to fill out a Form 4 electronically and attach a “digital fingerprint file.” This process will significantly shorten the verification and processing time associated with a Form 4 submission. It will also make purchasing and owning a National Firearms Act (NFA) item faster and easier.

ATF Fingerprint Processing Instructions

As an Approved FBI Channeler National Credit Reporting...

Step 1 – Account Set Up

To establish services or ask questions, please contact:
Cynthia Clark
1 800 441-1661 x109

Step 2 – Request Electronic File

Log into our secure website to enter the applicant's demographic and PII informaiton, and then print an ATF Fingerprint Custody Control Form.

Step 3 – Obtaining Ink rolled or Digital Fingerprints

Obtain a set of Fingerprints via ink rolled or digital print out.

Step 4 – Mail Documents

Package should include the following documents.

  1. Signed control form
  2. Completed fingerprint card

Mail documents to:
National Credit Reporting
Attn: ATF Request
6830 Via Del Oro, Suite 105
San Jose, CA 95119

Step 5 – Processing and Retrieving EFT file

Upon receipt, fingerprints will be converted to an ATF/FBI compliant EFT file. An electronic notification e-mail is sent to notify the EFT file is ready to securely download. Then logs into to download the EFT file.

Step 6 – Upload EFT to the ATF eForms website


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