Federally Assisted Housing

As a trusted source of background screening information for more than 25 years, National Credit Reporting brings you the most powerful screening tool available in the Federal Assisted Housing industry. Our FBI Criminal Record Solutions provide access to the most comprehensive and trusted national criminal information available. By accessing the FBI Criminal Records, you will substantially reduce the risk of missing important criminal record information that lies beyond your local courthouse. In addition, you will receive nationwide criminal record results in less than 24 hours, where you can view and print your FBI Criminal Record results direct from our website...no waiting for email or snail mail! Also, with our FBI tracking system, you will see the real-time status of your fingerprint submissions.

As a Member of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) and the Affordable Housing Management Association (AHMA), National Credit Reporting has worked diligently to provide the best solutions available for meeting HUD requirements. In light of HUD's Screening for Criminal and Drug Related Activity regulations, we have developed an applicant screening package that will help meet the requirements established by the Federal Register. Public Housing and Affordable Housing executives across the nation regard our compilation of forms, authorizations, and information as very valuable in compliance of this ruling.


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